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Alizé is better known as the ‘Trade Winds’ in the English world.  The ‘Trades’ as they are also known, blow in a predictable, smooth and soft pattern.  The origins of the word go back to a very old French expression au lis du vent, meaning loosely, “going where the wind blows”.  The Europeans would eventually learn to master the ‘Trade Winds’ to navigate the high seas and this would ultimately lead to the discovery of the New World.

For us, the symbolism of Alizé carries more than a mythical story.  It defines our origins and our management style.  We like to be present in the markets and invest by taking advantage of the prevailing winds.  We deliberately seek a path of steady, smooth and consistent growth but never lose sight of our core belief which is the protection of your capital.  Our investment solutions are built to provide additional income or capital protection.  They are designed to add value to your portfolio in a safe and steady manner – as long as the winds are favorable – by navigating the financial markets with a reliable compass.

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Montreal Area: 514.595.3503

Quebec Area: 418.780.4440

Toll Free: 1.855.595.3503

1250, Blvd. René-Lévesque West, Suite 2200
Montreal (Quebec) Canada
H3B 4W8
2828 Boulevard Laurier, Suite 700
Quebec (Quebec) Canada
G1V 0B9
1808, des Merles Street
Saint-Lazare (Quebec) Canada
J7T 0B7


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